“ TnT ”

We met on our first day at work. Nothing happened then. A year later we started talking and fell in love in 3 days, these were the words from Tayara the bride, on how their story started. Tishad is an open book, pretty much my opposite. Having said that he’s the same as me at the core. and that makes me want to believe in us always. It’s the inner human persona of the bubbly bride Tayara whose words not only radiated the mood of the whole event as well as ensured the comfort and empathy for the guests and us.

“ TnT “ the short form of Tayara & Tishad, is an example of a relationship based on trust. From the 1st day of interaction, their immense hospitality and promised co-operation instantly hooked me to build their story. Little did I know, they re-scheduled the event due to the loss of Tayara’s father just a month back due to Covid-19 complication. The welcoming family, both the mothers and close family members treated us as a part of them. The most memorable moment for me as a photographer to take One heart wrenching image, Tishad’s father from joining his beloved son’s Nikaah from CCU as he had a massive cardiac arrest just few days before the event. It was a special assignment for me.

A bit nervous, a guy of small talks, the young groom Tishad is a man of his words. Tayara is the embodiment of trust, care and tolerance. Could not have asked for more, shows the love and respect for each other in the words of Tishad built in their relationship. An epitome of a relationship of a lifetime, that’s what TnT means to be.

Family is the root of us, in this world. Once again, witnessed the bond among the close ones in a one of a kind wedding due to the consequences of COVID-19 Pandemic, all my heartfelt wishes for the newly wed “ TnT ”. May the world heal from the setbacks and pains we’ve to go through in our personal life yet put a smile in our face to face the circumstances.



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