Doodling the “ Ray-way ”

Photo Courtesy: Raysa Habib Prattayee

We started the conversation with how long Raysa is pursuing her amazing talent.

Started doodling since 2015, but never was that regular. More of a pass time but then I seriously started. Since 2018 and I never stopped. Later on, I decided to open an account for my doodle on Instagram (Check out, to preserve my creations in somewhat like a digital diary. I started doodling mainly with sharpies and pens. Then I went for acrylic, with which I did mostly abstract paintings. Lastly and recently, I started digital illustrations and enjoying it fully.

Photo Courtesy: Raysa Habib Prattayee

When we got to know how she got the idea of designing her own Gaaye Holud card, Raysa explains

I decided to design my Holud card a year before my program. It was more like a thought but I didn’t really think I would go through the idea. Even 6 months before my wedding I still didn’t make any design for the card but my husband and my sister was encouraging me to make one. Since I couldn’t get time to make an original one, because I had my studies and all wedding preparations, so I went my through my sketchbook to find out an old drawing which went well with the theme. Boom! it was finalized.

Photo Courtesy: Raysa Habib Prattayee

While asking about how all it started, the prodigal artist expressed,

Doodling is still a hobby and a passion, I still didn’t take it as a work or a profession nor do I sell my art. But I have plans as I really want to do something out of it in the coming days.

Photo Courtesy: Raysa Habib Prattayee

We did ask Raysa how often she doodles her better half and where she portrays’ him in her ink-imagination?

I have only done one proper portrait illustration of my husband and another just a funny one. And even I do make a portrait of him, I don’t really think much I just hope for the best and I hope it looks like him ( Not to mention he’s a good looking lad )

Photo Courtesy: Raysa Habib Prattayee

Where you want to take this craft?

Like I said, I do want something out of it. I do want exposure and actually did think of something, a plan with my sister which I can’t share right now (Fingers crossed). I have upped my practice to keep myself focused and more experienced and want to get better at what I do.

#TeamCheckmate had the honour to cover all 3 of the events of this fun-loving couple. Not to mention the oozing chemistry between Raysa & Riyad accompanied by the fun-loving presentation, they sparked through all their ceremonies in flying colors. Check out their albums published in our official Facebook account in the following links.

The Holud Event:
The Wedding Event:

A set of Masterpiece™ Shots by M Aminur Rahman of the celebrated couple are presented in the following.

Photographs by M Aminur Rahman

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